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Evaka approached us to develop an EV home charger, with a mobile application and a new consumer brand identity. By developing both the brand and product in close co-operation with the company, we were able to develop a uniform design DNA that translates smoothly from one touchpoint to another, creating a seamless brand experience.


Evaka is a fresh name on the market of powerful EV solutions. The company approached us with the objective to develop an electric car charger for the home. The company was looking to enter the market with their own products under a new brand name. They needed support with the development of the product itself, along with some accessories, the charger’s mobile application and an entirely new consumer brand identity to tie everything together.

By developing both the brand and the product in close co-operation with the company, we were able to develop a uniform design DNA that translate smoothly from one touchpoint to another. The brand identity is built on the foundation of strategic brand drivers, and it combines clean and functional Scandinavian design with the powerful and modern aspects of the business. The refractive shapes on the charger’s exterior are brought to life as light hits the surfaces and creates contrasting shadows which change with lighting conditions. The play of light and shadow continues on the brand’s graphical layer, where delicate gradients create the illusion of three-dimensionality and bring character without adding complexity. This creates a smooth transition from charger to digital UI, forming a seamless brand experience.

Good design is not only appreciated by the end user, but also produces added value at different stages of the value chain.

The EV charger’s design underwent an ergonomic analysis to optimize plug and indicator light placement for comfortable and efficient daily use, and was also designed with long-term durability and cleanability in mind. The angled plug and automatically closing cover protect from rain and splashes, respectively. The Evaka App, with its intuitive and informative interface, enhances the user experience, while its simplified information architecture ensures easy use and fast feature access.

The charger’s evolution from conceptualization to final product was a client-collaborative and iterative process, taking into account mechanical requirements, manufacturability, component compatibility, and installability. Installability was paid particular attention to, so that the installer would also have a consistent brand experience. The project was a collaborative effort between branding, industrial design, user interface design, and mechanical design, resulting in a cohesive brand ecosystem and a durable and stylish charger.

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