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Q-Flow leikkaussalivalaisin

A company’s brand identity is an entity that consists of a physical, virtual, and social dimension. The dimensions were also considered in the development of Merivaara’s visual identity, which has since been utilized in several products and events.

In the collaborative project that started in 2018, we redesigned Merivaara’s website, as well as a significant amount of different visual material. The innovations were based on a new visual identity we designed for Merivaara, which was updated to meet modern requirements and communicate the brand more clearly, e.g., in products, websites and launch events. The reforms also sought to clarify the values communicated by the company.

“Together with Seos Design, we have created and defined the entire design language for Merivaara’s products, from user experience through product design to marketing and demonstrations.”

– Jyrki Nieminen, CTO, Merivaara Corp.

Our long-term collaboration has enabled us to design visual material for a variety of purposes as needed. We collaborated to design the presentation material for the launch of the new operating tables, the launch space, and the posters. In the fall of 2019, we directed and facilitated marketing videos for the new operating room tables, Practico and Promerix. The videos describe the features of the new operating room tables and communicate a quality user experience.

“Merivaara’s design DNA is clear, well lead and distinctive.”

Fennia Prize 2020

At Merivaara’s product launch, the company presented new operating room products that improve the user experience and make work easier.

Presented at the launch, the Q-Flow operating room light is the smartest light on the market, with functionality based on understanding user needs.

Year: 2018 – 2019

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