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User experience is a subjective experience and measuring it isn’t as straight forward as a product’s technical requirements may be, but by splitting it into parts and using widely recognized evaluation methods, can user experience too be evaluated and developed measurably.

TE3 is a Finnish tech company specializing in health technology applications. TE3 reached out to us with the goal of improving the user experience of their smart TE3 Mobility Stick and it’s accompanying mobile application, which are designed for mobility analysis and training.

We ran the products through a user experience analysis, where the use of the stick and mobile app were split into phases and worked into a user experience map. The use phases were evaluated using a heuristic checklist and a cognitive walkthrough, through which the phases were graded and suggestions were made to improve the experience.

”It’s very important to have professional insight and analysis of the customer experience from an outside perspective. Intentionally executed, systematic mapping gave the developers a whole new point of view about which direction the user experience should be developed to both visually and on a concrete button level.
Our developers were inspired for changes from the very first report already. We ended up extending our partnership with Seos with another project.”

– Ari Laakkonen, CEO, TE3 Mobility

Year: 2020

Photos: TE3 Mobility / Marianna Siitonen

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