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By involving Stala’s management team, we enabled responsibility leadership across the whole organization by concretizing key phases and touch points from the customer interface onto a customer experience map.

We partnered with Stala for a project, where we helped the company’s management to better comprehend the customer’s phases during the supply chain and to both understand and affect the various touch points on the customer journey. The aim of the project was to map Stala’s current situation, which enables a cross-section of the entire organization around the responsibility theme and Stala’s four cornerstones of responsibility.

By extensively involving members of the company’s management team, we created a customer experience path from an internal perspective that visualizes and concretizes the customer’s steps before, during and after the delivery of Stala’s products. Based on an internal analysis with management, we made observations about possible developments, from which we helped them create a development roadmap. The development roadmap breaks down development points into concrete change measures and parses them into a timeline.

“Creating a responsibility path in the customer interface with Seos Design provided a good overall understanding of the theme with the interest of improving competitiveness, and clearly highlighted recommendations and development measures. The team at Seos Design is extremely professional, reliable and knowledgeable. We are happy to continue cooperating with this top-class expert house in the future as well.”

– Anne Kanervo, Head of Marketing, Stala

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