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Q-Flow leikkaussalivalaisin

Merivaara, a leading designer and manufacturer of operating room equipment invited us to design their new Q-Flow™ operating room light. We started the project by interviewing the end users, operating room staff, to find out which features in lighting solutions are functional and desirable, and which needed further development.

The product development of an operating room light is majorly driven by easy decontamination and minimizing infection risk. Through industrial design and testing we managed to majorly improve the laminal flow and turbulence associated with large light fixtures, which is essential in an operating room. Large objects can obstruct the flow of clean air coming from the ceiling, causing the air to vortex, potentially lifting harmful microbes in the air from the floors or the surgeons’ shoes. Thus, the updated design isn’t only elegant, but it also allows for a safer environment for operations.

The laser projected user interface of the Q-Flow operating room light.

Through deliberate research we were able to gather novel insight, which we used to design and develop new features for easier use. The usability was greatly enhanced by a smart brightness control, which prevents the formation of shadows from the surgeon’s head during the operation. The new, sterile handle and the laser projected interface make the use easier and less distracting, allowing the staff to keep their gaze at the patient. The digital user interface and system architecture were decluttered, the physical design was simplified, allowing for better decontamination and the lighting features were improved to maximize color rendering.

During the development, features related to ease of use and decontamination were prioritized to help staff fully focus on the operation at hand. Through user centered product development, we were able to implement features which greatly enhance the user experience of the operating room light. The Q-Flow™ was launched in the year 2016 and awarded with the FenniaPrize Gand Prix and Red Dot Design awards for industrial design in the year 2017.

Merivaara Q-Flow light for operating room

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