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An image of a surgical table which won a fennia prize honorable mention in 2020

The design of the new, intelligent operating room table was driven by end user needs, which realized in better ergonomics and improved cleanability.

Merivaara is a leading designer and manufacturer of operating room equipment. We had the honour of designing their newest operating table and its controller. The outcome is the new highly versatile operating table Practico. The focus of the new table design was in improving operating ergonomics and enhancing the appearance. The user experience of the handheld controller was improved by making it more intelligent and user friendly by integrating the physical and digital interfaces into one seamless experience. The new, smarter Practico makes end users’ work easier, and improves the efficiency and safety of an operating room. Merivaara brand is communicated clearly through the refreshed brand elements.

Practico was launched in three different configurations in 2019. In 2020 the smarter Practico received the FenniaPrize honorable mention.

“The Practico operating table was designed to improve ergonomics in surgical operations. It’s easy and safe to move around, works with smart controllers and passes well all hospital environments special requirements, allowing full focus on the procedure at hand. The Merivaara design DNA is clear, well lead and distinct, and the Practico table follows it fluently. The table is a high-volume product, meaning it has great significance for Merivaara’s business.”

– FenniaPrize 2020

Practico features three configurations, which are designed for different types of operations.

The new product design makes it easier to use accessories such as the C-arm.

An animation of the new smarter operating table.

A video of the new smarter operating room table produced by Seos Design in 2019.

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