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Helsinki Design Week is a two-week festival familiar to many people in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which grew into a greater success in 2019 than ever before.

HDW is a design festival originally founded in 2005, operated by Luovi Production. We were involved in developing HDW’s business model through service design. The project included participatory methods that helped us create a comprehensive understanding of the overall picture of Helsinki Design Week and the different needs of partners and visitors. Based on this understanding, we developed products that reflected HDW’s strategic focus on developing the customer experience and business.

Our collaborative project was based on the festival’s need to innovate, focus on offerings, and develop the event’s business. We set out to develop the festival through service design and participatory methods. For example, we created visitor profiles together with an event provider that consisted of different types of event visitors who wanted to take different needs into account.

After defining user profiles, we organized and facilitated workshops to systematically define visitor customer paths before, during, and after the event. Customer paths allowed the vastly different needs of different types of visitors to be taken into account, and we were able to identify customer interests based on the data, some of which differed significantly. In addition, we recognized and advanced the benefits of HDW’s partners.

Based on the needs assessment, we created new productized services for various stakeholders of the event, such as visitors, partners and the city. In addition, we also advanced HDW’s year-round activity with the help of our services. The development of Helsinki Design Week can be seen in increased popularity and increased sales figures.

Year: 2019

Photos © Luovi Productions / HDW

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