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Great usability is a prerequisite for medical devices. In partnership with Cleamix, we designed a user interface concept to their new product line from the basis of intuitive and safe use of the device even in demanding circumstances.

Cleamix is a startup, whose core business is in clinical and bio-decontamination through innovative hydrogen peroxide vaporization. In Cleamix’s first line of products, the decontamination technology has been implemented in compact, industrial briefcases, which are designed for demanding circumstances for the neutralization of chemical weapons. Aside from the defense forces, the product is also used in hospitals and medical care, the process industry, public transportation and logistics.

The company approached us with the goal to increase the product’s usability through the user interface. Together we created a new graphical interface concept for the product, which was implemented in the CR-product line that was launched in early 2020. During the project, we made major changes to the information architecture of the product, and iteratively designed the graphical layout to allow for best possible usability in all use cases.

The Master-unit of the line features a fixed Beijer screen.

The most important drivers of the graphical UI were clarity and readability no matter the lighting conditions.

The same digital interface can also be used for remote operation and monitoring of the device.

Year: 2020 

Photos: © Cleamix Oy

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